In Medina County, companies have a number of resources available to find candidates, access training, offer more benefits, and generally manage their talent resources. All known resources are documented below and be sure to check out the videos to hear how these organizations can help!

Thank you to Fuserashi International Technology and Janotta & Herner for their sponsorships to make this program possible!

Need Candidates?


The Medina County OMJ office works with candidates who are out of work, returning from the military, and who are ready to reenter the workforce through counseling and direct assistance. They can help post jobs on OMJ’s state-wide website, find candidates in their database, and even help with the recruiting efforts.

Hear Angela Smith, Operations Manager share more about their services here!

Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates

JOG works with our youth to help them finish high school, map their future, and find meaningful careers.

Hear from Pamela Crombie, Program Manager, share more about JOG!

Medina County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Individuals with developmental disabilities stay, on average, SIX years in an entry level position.

Also, MCDD coordinates the Workforce Collaborative which brings together all of the organizations that work with the DD population together so they can help you fill your positions!

Hear more from Ed Dryer, Director of Community Services, about this terrific population!

Medina County Job and Family Services

Individuals on public assistance work with job counselors to solve their challenges to employment. Once they are ready to go to work, they work with those counselors and OhioMeansJobs to find positions. Be sure to work with OMJ to find these candidates!

Medina County Adult Probation Department

The Medina County Adult Probation Department works with individuals ready to rejoin the workforce. The key to any rehabilitation is a job so working with these individuals can be very rewarding!

Goodwill Industries Business Services

Goodwill trains individuals in a variety of work experience as well as helps companies connect with those employees. Jack Friend is able to help and is available at 330-786-2562.

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

OOD is charged with assisting those who have disabilities to get meaningful work. While accomodations might sound scary, they are typically less than $50 if needed at all!